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650 Ejector Wire Replacement

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My 650 has a plate bearing and i currently am using the ejector wire to extract the round from the plate. I occasionally get a round that is not ejecting and I need to manually push it. In searching Ebay there are a couple of vendors that sell a 3D printed replacement ejector - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-650-Ejector-wire-FIX-NEW-Upgrade-fix-for-ejector-wire-13298-problems/254364270905?hash=item3b394ac139:g:JdsAAOSwh9pa2kgw. Anyone have experience with the 3D printed ejector wire replacement? Is it worth a try?

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I bought some of the 3-D printed "arms" for my 650s. I broke one right away, and the seller replaced it with a spare one to boot.  Now, I had tweaked my wire ones and was a little dubious of the claims, but I find that the 3-D printed ones seem to eject and operate "smoother" when the handle hits that part of the stroke where the finished round is kicked out. It is a bit subjective, but the printed ones are not expensive either.

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