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Broken Ejector


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My ejector is broken, specifically the front prong. 


I do not have a spare ejector in my pockets or in my couch cushions. 


I do have matches (club and major) coming up. 


If I put the ejector back in the gun as is will it run?


What about loctiting it in there just as a temporary fix?

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Order from Shooters connection or Dawson today and you should have it by Tues or Wed .

That should give you time to install, tune it and test it for any fine tuning.

Just a Thought!


Answer to your ? No I wouldn't use a broken ejector.

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Some shooters do not even use an Ejector Pin to hold it in place, so I don't think

loctite would help.  I agree with jcc7x7 that you should get a new ejector; very

easy to install on a 1911/2011.  

One other thing, if this was an Extended Ejector, there may be enough material left

to stone the sharp edge off and still have it long enough to work, till you can get a

new one?

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