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Overcoming 9mm Case Head Separation On The Clock

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After determining he had encountered a case head separation, the shooter picked up a fired 5.56 case, hand-fed it into the chamber then dropped the bolt. When the bolt was retracted again, the extractor pulled both the 5.56 case and the forward section of the separated 9mm case out of the chamber as shown.

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2 hours ago, StealthyBlagga said:

I've seen a surprising number of 9mm case head separations in PCCs - could be the extra stresses due to blowback operation, or the increasing prevalence of stepped cases. If this happens to you in a match, consider this quick, effective and free solution:



Bless you

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Here's a quick video from the GoPro so you can see most of the process. edited out about 2 minutes of things that didn't clear the case.

I'd call this redneck engineering ... but since the idea came from a brit, I think the proper term is chav engineering.


I should point out that I was the only PCC shooter in the squad to go 1-for-1 on every 200 yard target I engaged on this stage 🙂 



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Genius. I have had this happen to me twice and both times it was a stage ender. First time was with freedom munitions and second time was with reloads which had imt and fm marked cases mixed in. 


Im going to try my best to check my ammo for stepped cases, but I really appreciate this information. 

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Awesome workaround.  Thanks for sharing.


Yet another reason to process brass first.  The Judge die is fantastic, and will find stepped brass, as well as junk inside the case that the deprimer pin would punch through.  

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Thanks for sharing this helpful tip. When I had this happen to me I got lucky and had the next round helped pull out the stuck brass. The bullet wedged it self around the brass in the chamber I cleared when I pulled on the charging handle . Now I'm going to carry a 223 brass with me . Thanks.

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