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Looking at various options; if I were to shoot 9Major through an STI Steelmaster or a DVC-S what's gonna happen? Is it going to run or explode in my face or divide by zero or...…?
So typically the 9 major guns don't cycle enough with minor ammo because there's too much slide weight among other things. The DVC-S is a shorter slide with probably a very light spring to run minor ammo effectively.

The gun won't blow up in your face as the comp does the work of diverting gases. It might hit your hands harder if you don't use the right recoil spring. Others will chime in and confirm for sure

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My old steel master two port comp (10 plus years old) runs it fine

Start with a 10lbs recoil spring and 18lbs main spring

I went down to 8lbs recoil but the gun ran flattest with my load with a 9lb conventional wolff or a 10lbs variable wolff spring FWIW

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