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Did you guys know you can't fire a S&W 929 (9mn revo) without...


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...moon clips? Because I didn't :)


I picked up my NIB 929 today at Iron Sights in Oceanside CA, and struck around to shoot a few thru it. I loaded up 8 rounds, and pulled the trigger.


Click, click, click, click, click... Oh I should probably use a moon clip :)


My 627 (virtually the same gun in .38 special) fires just fine with or without moon clips.


So how does the 929 shoot? Other than a bone crushing double action trigger pull (I'm guessing at least 12 pounds) it's actually a nice gun.


There's a young lady that works at the range that shoots a 627 like mine, with a trigger job from the resident gunsmith, and it seems like he knows what he's doing.


Looks like mine is off to the smith.

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929 was designed for .035 clips. (according to a couple former S&W pro shooters)

Many here like the .040 probably for the "insurance" value of the thicker clip. But, if your gun's trigger is done properly you won't have misfires with either.

Mine will even continue to shoot with a broken firing pin. (ask me how I know...)

I use both thicknesses interchangeably and don't have any problems.

I like the .035 for practice because they are easy to load/unload without tools.

Better yet I like the RIMZ for practice. Great clips.

BTW I use mostly either S&W clips (I get them @ Numrich/ Gun Parts Corp) and Ranch Products.

I'm sure the real experts will chime in soon.


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