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Sig X-Five Legion Level 2 Holster Options


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I just picked up a Sig 320 X-Five Legion. I have the Safariland 578 that I thought would work but now see that Safariland says it isn't compatible on their website. The pistol fits nicely and locks into place but I am having trouble getting clean draws with it. I am going to try adjusting the tension on it to see if that helps with the draw. I am planning to use it for 3gun without an optic for now. Does anyone know if the 578 should work with the X-Five or what level 2 retention holders work well with it?

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Sig says it doesn't. However, if it fits and locks, it should jsut be a matter of adjustment and maybe trimming some bits. 


I've been doing some research myself on the subject,  and the only retention holsters I can find are all using a flippy hood. 


Who makes those:

red hill tactical

dara holster

TR holsters

weber tactical. 


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The GXP holster is fantastic, but I really wouldn't consider it an actual "retention holster" because there's no way to disengage the lever as part of your draw. You wouldn't want to have to flip the lever in the middle of a COF.

The 578GLS "should" work with the X5 assuming you got the right size. They have 4 or 5 different size models, each one fitting a wide variety of guns. Or in other words, I've never seen the GLS not work. It's a pretty ingenious system. My only concern with it is the fact that a rifle sling which slips under the holster will easily disengage the retention lever and lift your pistol out of the holster as if there was no retention at all.


All of Safariland's ALS retention holsters (the gold standard for all competitive/duty use) were molded for the M17/P320 when it was first released. The barrel/slide on the X5 is 0.3" longer than the standard P320 and so the X5 doesn't fit into any of the ALS holsters. You have 2 options, you can either buy a standard P320 (or 3rd party) slide assembly for your Legion grip, but then you lose the nice bull barrel from the X5 series. Or you can use a heat gun and mush the holster to accommodate the X5 slide.  Both have pluses and minuses.

If you decide to go with a custom kydex holster maker as listed above, make sure they use the BladeTech WRS retention assembly. Some use Safariland SLS which is far inferior. SLS needs to be pushed out of the way manually, WRS is spring loaded and actuated by a thumb button - much, much faster.

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