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Primers sideways in station 1

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Nope. I had that problem *before* upgrading the bearing slide, because the slide would hang up and then snap forward and flip the primer in the cup - sometimes sideways, sometimes all the way over.

If you're getting sideways primers afterwards... I'd look at the plastic tip in the primer tube.

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First, make sure the top of the frame where the bearing plate sits is clean. Next, when you assemble the primer feed to the machine, always hold the primer slide assembly up into the underside of the platform, then raise the machine handle, lowering the platform. This holds the primer slide in alignment. Now set the primer feed body over the primer sldie, and install the two platform bolts. Do not overtighten the bolts, as it can bulge out the inside of the housing. Run your finger along the inside of the housing where the slide goes to feel for any raised areas. If there are, just use a file to flatten the high spots, then it should be fine.

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Ah HA!  Time for a nozzle.  I was getting high primers which turned out to be a cracked crank which finally fell apart.  A new crank and careful alignment got me back to well seated primers but still some sideways.


A new tip - the old one did not SHOW wear - a spritz of silicone, and careful alignment (It took a quarter turn on the bracket screw 14037 the opposite direction that it appeared to need.) worked for a few.  It will be tomorrow before I load any number of rounds.  

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