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What parts have you broken - a guide for spares.

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I'll start. 

On my old ar45:

2 Olympic style ejector springs, one pin.

One hammer

One standard carbine buffer

3 magazines  (2 dented steel, one bad spring)


On my GlockAR:

2 charging handlesb one tac-latch, one at the bolt hook.

2 buffers, one standard carbine, one hydraulic.

3 trigger pins

2 sear pins

1 trigger spring 

4 ets 30 rounders dead.

3 red dot sights (2 cheapie, one vortex)

1 comp (shot it off, but found it)

1 firing pin

1 firing pin retaining pin.


Apparently PCCs are rough on parts, so what have y'all broken?

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For me Jp gmr 13 

Roughly 7 firing pins 

1 bcm charging handle,  the latch pin sheared 

2 hammer springs in the 24c

1 non cotter pin style fp retaining pin (won't ever use this style again)


General maintenance I changed the extractor, ejector and scs o rings.


This is all through 3 seasons and a lot of rounds down range. So I would say i have had really good luck with mine. 

Haven't trashed any mags or optics either. 

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an original blue steel firing pin... the Colt with rounded strike end is over 7000rds

extractor pivot pin (actually found the extractor) on AR style extractor

bolt hold open on my Colt style SBR

haven't broken, but have replaced 2 Glock 32, and 2 ETS 32 mag bodies... chewed up one ETS mag trial fitting the CMMG RDS bolt and barrel

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On 9/14/2019 at 3:08 AM, stick said:

Two firing pins and one firing pin spring along with one grey hiperfire hammer spring.


Does the mag count?  but it wasn't the gun.  It came out while I was running and somehow I managed to kick it where it totally exploded.  bullets, spring, follower, basepad & mag everywhere!  


The old exploding magazine trick. Advanced technique. High risk play. Most people aren't brave enough to try it. Just kidding. 


GMR-15 with @ 6K rounds. Has been 100% thus far but it's about time to go through it with a few PM parts before it lays down on me. 

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39 minutes ago, Les Snyder said:

impact... try rounding the strike end of the firing pin... I use Colt OEM pins... allows the hammer to strike close to the centerline of the firing pin... a couple of the guys I shoot with locally have commented they had problems when using .308 springs

Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe the firin pin channel is a little out of spec too. I also think that because of using a return spring in the blowback design, guidance in a critical area gets lost and firing pin has to deal with a lot of radial forces...


I use mainly colt firing pins, but also turned 2 from 223 pins.

I use a strike flat wire spring in a H5 buffer short stroke setup. But the first 2 breaks happend during the initial "full stroke" setup.

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  • 2 weeks later...

on my old dedicated cmmg and rra colt mag guns I broke a bolt catch about 3x a year.


scorpion nothing broke.

mpx nothing broke.

gmr15 i carry a spare complete bolt so i can do a tool less and instant change if the firing pin or spring or extractor go bad. but nothing has broke in the 3k rounds i have through it in the past couple months.

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For CMMG Radial Delay Blowback... I'd recommend ejector springs swapped out at 5k rounds or... for me... I'm just keeping a MATCH-ONLY bolt around and going to refurb it every season. Moving the old MATCH-ONLY parts over to my training bolt.


I went 10k in a couple months without anything breaking, but had a jam (FTE, weak ejector spring) on a classifier I was about to 100%. So... time for a match-only bolt.

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On 9/27/2019 at 4:29 PM, egd5 said:

I've had my Colt pcc for 3+ years now with 25-30K rounds and still have the original firing pin. I really can't remember anything that has broken.

It's probably due to faxons design? ..most other 9mm bolts I've seen have tighter and less deep channels for the rear of the firing pin (the part with the disc), so maybe on this particular model the firing pin gets bent more due to less guidance near the striking face. I will machine a bushing and see if that improves firing pin life...

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