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Shotgun Practice


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I have not shot shotgun for a few years because of a shoulder injury.  But, when I did I shot

pretty good with it.  I did a practice drill that I believe I read in Front Sight that Taran Bulter

did.  It is fairly simple and more of a reloading drill than a shooting drill; it goes like this.

Using a 6 plate steel rack.  Start with one round in the chamber and two in the mag tube.

Have your ammo you are going to re-load where ever you normally keep it.  Start at

ready low (butt on belt, muzzle pointed at an object of your choice).  On start signal shoot,

the two end plates, completely reload you tube (I was shooting Ltd) and finish off the 

remaining plates.  A good time, if I remember is about 7 seconds.  You then can add one

round to the mag tube and then shoot the whole plate rack.  Then start back over again.

It was fun and great practice on reloading.  I see now in Shotgun competition that shooters

are reloading differently than I did back then, so the times will probably be faster, just

making it more fun......

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I have tried the dril this afternoon, i don't have rack so i have used 4 ipsc plate and 2 popper beetween 11m to 13m with full choke. 

1st attempt : 6.31sec / 2nd attempt 6.30 with  one miss / 3rd attempt 5.77 sec and 4th attempt 5.58.

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Gave it one try today. 9 yards, IM choke because I didn't feel like putting the Cylinder in.


1st shot  .45

2nd  .29

Load 12 and shoot  4.65

4th  .31

5th  .28

6th  .29

6.27 total time


The load 12 was pretty slow but I had all hits. I'm sure I could shave time with repetition but this is probably representative of my actual abilities.

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