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Can a rubber backstop fail if shot with JHP's?


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A local Commercial Indoor Range has banned the use of JHP's.  Yet they have a separate 50 yard Rifle Range.

They claim the rubber backstop they use will fail with JHP's.


Anyone here have info on this issue?


I find it curious that they allow rifles on one range and pistols on another but won't allow any JHP's?

What use is a range where you can't sight in and function test self defense ammo?

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2 hours ago, HoMiE said:

Maybe it has to do with JHPs fragmenting more. Never been to indoor range where I couldn’t t shoot a particular ammo. 

Other than no Steel Core ammo I've not either.  Despite the BS they gave me at the GSSF match Saturday it was a newly posted ban, it's NOT listed on their website.  So my guess is after 3 or so years the rubber backstop was deteriorating and the owner is too cheap, or broke, to do so.  By limiting JHP's he probably hopes to stall replacement.  Not a good sign.

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