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What Safariland ALS Holster Fits a 2011 with full rail?

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I have a few Safailand ALS holsters for my glocks that I really like, and I want one for the 2011 with a full dust cover.  I have tried the holster finder, but no luck with anything that has a full dust cover under STI, Springfield, RRA, etc.

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Just a heads up for those that might need the info.


I called Safariland today and was told the following.  The ALS 6378 and ALS 6376 are the same holster, with different attachment points (e.g belt loop vs. paddle).  The Sku's are broken into (3) sections.  6378-56-412.  The first section is the holster model, 6378, the second section is the gun designation 56 (Springfield TRP), and the last section is the draw hand 412 (in my case left-handed)


The tech told me that they do not make a 2011 holster for STI, and clones.  As the holster locks on the chamber it does not really matter what "grip" you have on the gun.  If you want the full dust cover model, you will need the model for the Springfield TRP  middle number (56).  If you want a standard dust cover model you want (53).  They do not make a holster for a 6" gun, and I was told the extra slide length, comp, extended barrel will just protrude from the bottom of the holster.


Lastly I was told this is also a trial and error process. Some brands and models of pistols with a rail may or may not fit within the above noted holsters.


Dremel for the win!!!

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