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First 3 gun comp Sunday. Over Thinking rifle irons


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I’m twisting myself up prior to my first three gun match.  I am using iron sights on my rifle. ( not fancy I know, just starting out). I am drilling my 55gr round at 50 Meters. I haven’t had time to work real close range stuff much. The range was jammed and work and kids have kept me busy    If I’m essentially zeroed irons at 50.  What should my sight picture look like at target under 15 yard.  I’ve shot all my life and seriously confusing myself ... ridiculous I know. 



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Thank you to all. Shot my first match over the weekend. I have never competed or done anything like this. Closest was biathlon and trap / skeet.  What a frickin blast.  Great group of people and I learned a metric TON.  


Halfway thru I figured out I was shooting the wrong choke (full). , popped in an IC and was much faster. 


By the 4 stage I was starting to settle in.  


The procedural stuff was most confusing. I finally just stopped took my time and simply followed the ROs directions.  That helped a ton. I was just nervous and trying to anticipate his command at the end of my run. 


Learned my dawson magwell would not accept my Glock mags without their base pad.  That was full.  Also learned that when you pop a 556 mag in , you really need to solidify that it is really in. Had one fall out.  


Never took the time to sight in my shotgun for slugs. That hurt me...  


all in all awesome experience. 


Cant wait for the next one 

thank you to this forum. It’s a huge help. 



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