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MPX Handguard: OEM 15.5 vs Isler 15..?


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Searched and found plenty on guys switching out the stock bulky Keymod OEM handguards on Gen 2 MPX’s for the Isler CF with all thumbs up...


Can anyone offer an opinion on the newer 15.5 PCC OEM handguard vs. the Isler..? Any lighter? Pros/Cons? Worth it?


I like the 15.5 OEM just fine, but one of the main reasons I’m looking at the Isler is he offers a lower-height piece of pic rail to keep your laser out of the way of the optic when mounted at 12 o’clock... currently on the OEM 15.5 I’ve got my laser at 6 o’clock to keep it out of the way of the optic, and while it works, it’s a little wonky and I know I’m going to bash the laser into something sooner or later (also, at 6 o’clock it snags on anything).



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The stock handguard still heavy and bulky to my liking. I replaced it with an Isler 15” CF handguard. The difference is almost a pound. It also has a smaller diameter. To me, it’s worth it.


Here are my MPX with Isler CF hand guards. 



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lasers are mounted at 12 o’clock in front of the slide ride.




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Same boat as you with the PCC.  I have an x400 waiting to go on the Isler 15" carbon fiber tube at 12'clock once they get the next batch or two ready.  Currently have the light/laser mounted on the bottom rail until the carbon fiber tube comes in.  With the factory handguard the x400 takes up 3/4 of the 510c window when mounted on top.


Isler is also working on a 1.75" tube for the MPX.  It's on his Facebook page but looks a little wonky due to the use of an intermediate step down tube.

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