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Average magwell flare angle? Install on CZ S2

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Hey guys,


My first post here over here. Thought I'd take a shot with asking for some advice. 


I've been developing a magwell for my shadow 2 and it's gone really well. Works fine, fits fine. 


Current issue. I would like to practice with stock mags and my stock mags don't want to seat without me doing some fitting on the magwell. The base plates are wider than the actual gun. I'd like to make one that doesn't require any fitting but in order to use them and also keep a smooth blend from magwell attachment to the firearm magwell but it's requiring me to flare it excessively.


I thought maybe those of you that already have a magwell on a S2 or any gun for that matter could toss me a couple pics that match mine or just give me a rough estimate of the angle of the flare on yours.



Current photos show a magwell that still requires fitting to reliably seat a factory magazine. What do you think? Is it already flared too much? Could it stand to he flared more?


Thanks for your advice fellas







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This is kind of a thing with all CZ frames due to the flared geometry at the base of the grip and the inclusion of the main spring plug.. That's why most (all?) of the CZ magwells have an unusual attachment method compared to so many others like Glock, M&P, Sig, etc.

If you go on CZ Customs website and peruse the magwells, you'll see that they ride up on the grip by a good 1/2" and therefore require smaller grip panels to accommodate.

I've been incessantly searching for a magwell solution for my SP-01 Phantom (polymer framed version of the SP-01 Tactical) and haven't found anyone making them. There are plenty of options on the market for all other CZ models. After you finish with the S2 magwell project, please shift your attention the Phantom. I'll make it worth your while :)

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Right on. That's interesting. I actually made one for my G34 once (copied an already available model) and it came out great. I'd def look into doing one for the phantom. 


I set out to make this because grip panels for the S2 are around $100 and so is a magwell. Plus to use the magwell you usually have to buy special attachment pins like you said. To get into a magwell and grips is a $200-350 endeavour. 


Mine is literally a magwell AND grip combo that will attach using simply the grip screws. And yes, after I finish my own custom setup I will be selling these. It was too good of an idea to pass up. Been working on it for a week now, probably have about 40 hours of design work in it so far. Only snags at this point are little things like wanting to use factory mags and maybe working on a palmswell, etc.. 

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