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secondary optic?

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I ran a stage this past weekend at the WA-state match, and was sorta surprised at the number of people who run a second optic on a canted mount (eg. a 45-degree mount on the right side of the rail)


I've only been shooting PCC for a few months, and haven't felt the "need" for a second optic.  I run a canted dot on my 3-gun AR, but that seems like a different scenario - the dot for up-close and a magnified optic for further out, since all the distances are pretty much "up close" for a PCC in a pistol match, it doesn't seem like that's the reason.


What's the advantage of a second/canted optic?  How often is it "needed"?  Is it primarily for stages where you have to lean toward weak-side around a wall or obstacle?  Or....?


...and, having been working to keep my PCC light... is it worth the weight?




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I ran a canted optic for a few matches and never really liked it. I've seen a need for one on hard weak side leans but thats it, personally its not for me I'd rather just lean real hard if needed or shoot weak shoulder. Also every time I used the offset optic I would get tons of blow back right into my face that alone was enough for me not to use it.

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I actually use a laser on a cant instead of a second optic.  Where I shoot, some still don't like PCC in a "pistol Sport" stages are very tight quarters with barricades.  It's easier to hang the gun and look at the laser on the target.  A second optic would do you no good, since its impossible to view with a optic.

I'm pretty sure I have a video of me struggling on such a stage.  The next match, I had a laser.

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I think I’m firmly in the laser as my second optic camp... exploited it today on 3 out of 5 stages... 

One stage the match director set up had 2 targets behind and literally at a 90 degree angle back behind a barrier on the left and right, an offset dot was useless; I just held the gun out there at arms length and got 2 Alpha 2 Alpha, shot 1 righty (my normal) then transitioned and held the other one out there the same way lefty 🤪

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3 minutes ago, CalTeacher said:

I’ve never found a secondary optic or a laser to be of much use.  

You haven’t seen it yet then.

Experience is what you get right after you needed it lol.

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4 minutes ago, CalTeacher said:

This scenario is such a non issue in the grand scheme of the matches we shoot.  Major matches especially.


4 minutes ago, CalTeacher said:

This scenario is such a non issue in the grand scheme of the matches we shoot.  Major matches especially.


Whatever, that’s like an opinion man 🙄

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On 9/8/2019 at 4:02 PM, Bwillis said:


I have come to the same conclusion. After comparing my times and hf with and without. 


Well, I stand corrected, looking at the times on stages I totally thought the laser helped, me being slower looking for the laser dot killed me in time versus guys I was shooting with just winging it fast 🙄 Plus for me on certain targets I have to admit I was pausing a bit to decide to go optic or laser; too much to worry about for me at my level...

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