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Kid is cross eye dominant

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Crazy how I found this thread just through some random browsing on this board and never realized how many other people are cross-eye dominant.

I found out I was cross-eye dominant when my team first hit the flat-range with our service Glocks. I was new at pistol shooting in general, so of course I sucked in general, but couldn't for the life of me stop from seeing double and having things blur up while trying to focus on the front sight post. I have astigmatism in both eyes as well, so I'm sure that also contributed too. Eventually, one of the guys trying to help teach me fundamentals asked me if I was cross-eye dominant. I had no idea, so he showed me me how to do a quick "test" by putting my index fingers and thumbs together to form a triangle and look through it in a certain way; I'm not sure exactly how it went anymore, but we determined I was left eye dominant while being right handed. Been shooting pistol with my face slightly tilted to the right ever since, leaving my dominant left eye positioned behind the sights. Never had an issue with shooting rifle, but I've also never shot rifles using iron-sights besides for zeroing BUIS. With optics, both magnified and unmagnified, I had no trouble shooting both eyes open.

For those suggesting just swapping hands to shoot long gun; oh man, you guys must be quite ambidextrous to begin with! It would take a LOT of effort for me to train shooting weak-handed to the point where I'd be comfortable shooting that handed by default.

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