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"The mysteries of Virginia Count"

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I'm weird then ...I thoroughly enjoy Baseball Standards.


But I also shoot SS half the time because I like Challenge.

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On 9/4/2019 at 7:57 AM, ampleworks said:

VC forces you to think rather than rely on muscle memory to just have a rooster tail of brass flying out of your gun. If you cannot follow instructions on the COF then you should be penalized accordingly.


Can You Count is a perfect example of this. Plenty of people practice bill drills but how many of them still end up with an extra shot and hit because the failed to think?

Mini Rant:

Muscles do not have memory. 


VC and Standards are old time skill set measurements.  IMHO any GM over the age of about 50 practiced Standard type shooting religiously. Of course my observations are rather limited to the Standards at PASA Nats and Schmidt Standards at WSSSC. 


I am am a fan of Standards. VC just seems a little silly.  

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