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KKM barrel quality over stock

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I shoot a G29 in IDPA and at times have shot a G20 in 3gun. I have a significant amount of factory and reloaded rounds through two G29's.


I shoot a G30 in GSSF and (now) only occasionally in IDPA. I previously shot a G30 almost exclusively, in IDPA. I shoot a G41 in 3gun. I have a significant amount of factory and reloaded rounds through two G30's.


All my 10mm and 45acp Glocks are Gen 4 guns.


My daughter shoots a Gen5 G17 in IDPA, 3gun and GSSF.


I have several Glocks and bought KKM barrels for some of my 10mm and 45acp Glocks


I have experienced problems with factory loaded, plated bullets tumbling and keyholing out of my 10mm Glocks. I have not experienced these problems in any caliber other than 10mm, or using KKM barrels, or using jacketed bullets.


I also experienced problems with factory  10mm brass splitting, with a much higher frequency using OEM barrels but on a limited basis with the KKM barrels. I believe this was a brass problem.


I use only KKM barrels with factory or reloaded jacketed bullets in my 10mm Glocks.


In my other Glocks I use OEM barrels and jacketed or plated ammunition, with no problems.


This is relevant especially because the OP is asking about 40S&W in a G35. 40 and 10 use the same bullets and probably the same barrel ID.



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