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Chamber Flag Idea

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Just now, Sarge said:

As noted earlier and in other threads some RO’s don’t want to hold YOUR stuff for you. I personally think it’s pretty presumptuous for a shooter to expect an RO to do so. I was ok with it at first. Then it became,”put it in the chamber for me.” Then it became,” no, no not in the chamber, put it down through the magwell”. Screw that noise. This is why some are trying to figure out a better mousetrap.


Oh, I shoot some multi gun and the RO's are used to holding stuff for you.  Many times they are holding one or even 2 firearms during make ready so a chamber flag or 2 isn't a big deal.  I get what you are saying though. When I RO I happily do this for the competitor and I usually ask where they want me to stick it...  

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On ‎9‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 2:34 PM, IPSCLUVERRR said:

pretty good ideas, I may steal the qd idea. Have you had any issues with it distracting you while you shoot?


It isn't really something I notice when I am shooting. I do notice it when coming into a position. Would be better if it didn't move.

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