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Janz revo review

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I held and dry fired the stainless one capable of multiple caliber changes at the 2017 Shot Show. I believe i also held and dry fired this one or one very close to it (it was blued and not capable of swapping calibers).
Beautiful guns. Very well built. Triggers were excellent but not as good as my 627pc with the master action job from TK Custom.
Not worth the money they were asking, but still very nice.
The Korth Mongoose i dry fired in a booth just around the corner from the Janz booth had a surprisingly gritty and heavy trigger. Not as good as a new production N frame. But maybe it was just the rough floor model.

To me these guns are like Ferraris. Cool and beautiful but impractical and mostly made to be parked in a garage and not used, or to be the bling of the uber-wealthy. Not really interested in either of those purposes. I buy guns to shoot them.
However, if Janz were to make something priced under $2000, i would give it some serious attention.

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I’ve handled them. Nothing worth reporting. 

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I've contacted all of these high end revolver manufacturers about making an 8 shot model, or an 8 shot 9mm or .38 cal cylinder conversion for competition use and haven't heard a peep back from any of them.

Paying anything over $2k for a 6 shot revolver is just crazy in my book and yes I've shot Korth, Manurhin revolvers for comparison.

It's like having a Ferrari and putting studded snow tires on it !

If I'm gonna spend that type of money, I want to use it, not look at it !

 As was posted above, a S&W with a custom action + trigger job is on par and often exceeds most of the high end revolvers being made and for thousands + more less.

If Korth offered an 8 shot convertible 9mm revolver, I would be on the waiting list, as the durability + user friendly adjust-ability are worth the extra $$ to me.

Until them, I'll be using my blue collar 929's.




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