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Red Dot w/czcustom dovetail mount on CZ SP01

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a newbie question:

I have a SP01 with Holosun 507c mounted on CZ Custom universal dovetail plate. It is sturdy setup but the dot sits very high and I find myself more often fishing for the dot. I do some dry fire practice but that doesn't help with recovery between shoots.

I was thinking about few possible solutions:

1. obviously the best one is to cut the slide and put larger window optic (DPP) , but I'm not ready yet to cut the slide.

2. Buy DPP and mount it with DPP factory mount for CZ - the question is how much difference in height it's going to make vs current setup

3. Do nothing with the setup - just train more


thanks in advance


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Posted (edited)

the dot is still same height/lower than an open gun so just run it until you are ready to cut the slide or buy a second top end. 

  Any way you go it will take time and practice both dry and live to get used to any dot system/setup to retrain the grip and recoil control so it tracks back to start point. Much like when you switch from a 1911 to a Glock to a S&W M&P the dot just accents it more as it is a little glowing ball vs a set of sights coming back from recoil 




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If you're new to Cary optics what you have to do is look at the target and raise the gun. Don't try to find the dot it will be there. So again look at where you want to shoot, a light switch works great and practice

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