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Sport Pistol for .40 minor

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Hi forum,

Does anyone have any load data for using Sport Pistol in .40 minor? I'm going to work up some Blues in 165, 180 and maybe 200gr. I got great data before using Clay's and WST, I've got four lbs of SP thought I would give it it a shot. 


Much thanks

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    I've been watching this post off and on as I'm also looking for the same thing.  Can't believe that you've gotten no answers in 9 months!!  I'm thinking we need about 725 fps to make 130 pf with 180 grain bullets.  That load should be stupid soft!!  I was going to start out around 4.5 grains or so and see where I am, but my chrono is on the fritz.  I'm going to keep searching, and if I find anything useful I'll let you know.  If you have something, I'd appreciate it if you'd post here as well.



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Think OAL is critical. I’m at 1.125 for an XDM, 4.5 grains of Sport Pistol gets me PF in the 175 neighborhood. Buddy of mine loads longer for his Tanfo and 4.9 barely makes major.

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Glock 24        180 SNS coated bullet at 1.135 oal    4.3 Sport Pistol   makes Major

                       140 Bayou coated  same length powder charge etc      makes minor

just change bullet

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Not sure if this helps much since its not coated bullet data.  But last weekend I put together a few FMJs with sport pistol to just to see what I would get. Im almost ashamed to admit they were fired out of a S&W Sigma with a 4" barrel. Its my red headed step child of load testing guns. 


180gr Armscor FMJ 

Mixed Brass   CCI 500 Primer

1.125 OAL

4.2gr Sport Pistol

High 815fps  PF146

Low 797fps PF143


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17 hours ago, steveac1 said:

4.0 g Sport Pistol, 200 gr Bayou coated, 1.180 OAL. 


Not sure what gun you're using this with but at that OAL I'm betting a 1911/2011. The question was what load for minor and I'm assuming that means something in the low 130's PF.


4.0 grains of Sport Pistol with a 200 grain coated bullet shot from something close to a 5-inch barrel at 1.180 OAL should give a PF of approximately 165.  So it's not reliably major or minor but it certainly misses the point of the question  which was what load for minor. I doubt the OP wanted to know how to shoot minor at 164.

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