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Springer Precision S2 Magwell Issue


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So full story, I called SP about their newly redesigned CZ magwells. During the conversation, I was informed that my Taran basepads may not work, which I was fine with, because I was sure I could mod either the basepads or magwell to work. He told me, if you mod the magwell, I wouldn’t be able to return it (obviously). I order and get the magwell installed, and don’t like the way it fits me or the gun. Essentially the magwell doesn’t screw flush with the bottom of the frame. It only contacts a small part of the front lip of the frame/front strap and a .150” x .600” pad in the rear (by design). It touches the gun no where else. In fact “we suggest putting a drop of Loctite on the mating surface of the magwell and frame to ensure the magwell stays properly aligned.” Essentially because there’s not much clamping surface/friction, they want you to glue it to help it stay put. Being that I go from 3gun to production quite often, that didn’t really work for me, so decided I’d just send it back. No big deal, they’re a reputable company with a “satisfaction guarantee” (from their website). They had me send pictures of the magwell and now are telling me they won’t give me any type of return, because through their own words, it’s damaged and they’d have to throw it in the garbage. Pics are included, I’ll let you judge for yourself. 


This isn’t a knock on SP and I’m not telling you to steer clear, just understand that your definition of satisfaction guaranteed might be alittle different then theirs and that in their eyes, installing their magwell is enough to damage it beyond resalable (I never shot it and never did any reloads). Also wanted people to get a little first hand input on how their magwell works, as there’s no info out on them. I’m sure if you were going to install it and leave it, the loctite/glue would work just fine, but something to think about if you’re someone that jumps between divisions. Cool design though, being able to run factory length grip.







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