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PCC gear questions and advice

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39 minutes ago, Neomet said:



This from the guy who will be shooting irons at targets far past 100Y at the JP match in Sept!  😉  


Nope - I am leaving the Sterling in the safe and bringing an AR this year. Irons are too hard :roflol:


And the title sponsor for the AZ State PCC Championship is actually Quarter Circle 10, though we are glad to have  JP on board too.

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My bad, I was just watching Max L's vid from last year's event!  I am sure I am not alone in mourning that the Sterling won't be coming out to play.  Always fun to watch you shoot it.  


To the OP:  Optics are very much personal taste.  I shoot with guys who run everything from a 1 moa to an 8 moa from micro dots to UH1s.  All do great and will swear by what they have.  Try to look through as many optics as you can at the range and see what appeals to you.  

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