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IDPA Tier 1 Match, Lower Providence Rod & Gun, July 2019

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Video from my latest IDPA match. Match was hosted by the Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club.


This is my 3rd IDPA match. I'm starting to get the hang of things, but I know I still have a lot to learn.


I was really sluggish during the first couple of stages, but I seemed to improve as the day wore on. One of the things that these videos have made painfully clear to me is that I need to work on my grip. I never realized that I was resetting my left hand grip after each shot until I started recording myself. I also discovered that I run like a girl when I have a loaded gun in my hands. Not sure what to say about that.


In retrospect, I could have avoided the standing reload on stage 1 by dumping 4 rounds into each target in the second array (inside the simulated room) instead of just the required 2. 


On stage 4, you'll see black steel plates with -0 cut-outs covering the paper targets behind them. The steel was treated as hard cover. So, you didn't earn any penalties for hitting the steel. However, if you hit the steel, that meant you either hand to take a make up shot or accept a miss. The stage was limited to 10 rounds total and there were 4 targets. This meant that you could at most take 2 make up shots.  


I earned a PE on Stage 1 and stage 4 because I overstepped a fault line.


Of course, I'm always open to constructive feedback.


(Mods, please let me know if I've posted this in the wrong subforum.)



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I think you did a very good job in your self-critique.  As you become more comfortable with shooting competition, some of your opportunities for improvement will come naturally, like moving between shooting positions with more speed.  You didn't drop very many points in the stages you videoed, and you were safe.  Good work, and congratulations.  Try to see if you can get on the same squad as the best shooters at your local match and watch the other competitors as they shoot.  The opportunities to learn are endless.  

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