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According to the latest American Rifleman mag (August, 2019),

SIG Sauer's 147 gr FMJ achieves a PF of 158 in a 4.6" barrel.  (Page 69).


That is Very Close to 9mm Major - a 147 gr bullet at an average of

1076 FPS.


Of the three loads tested, the Aquila 115 gr FMJ hit PF 145 and

Double Tap's Lead Free 77 gr HP hit only PF 119.


I'm really surprised that factory 9mm ammo is available readily

with such a high PF.


For those of you who are concerned about reloading the 9mm

to Major loads, this should make you feel a little better - these

cartridges are not labelled as being solely for very heavy pistols

designed for +P+ loads - 


The other thing that caught my eye is that the heavier the bullet,

the More PF.   The 147 gr = PF158;    the 115 gr =  PF 145;   and

the 77 gr - PF 119.


Might be why 9mm and .40 shooters have long claimed the

perception of "less recoil" for heavier bullets, e.g.  147 gr 9mm

and 180 gr .40 caliber.

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Had a shooter tell me the same thing yesterday at local match.  He Shot the SC sectional chro.at 156 for carry optics with 147 gr. bullet shooting cz.

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So if it is consistent at PF 158 out of a 4.6”, I would assume a 5” barrel would put you over into major. 

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11 hours ago, EA308 said:

 I  assume a 5” barrel would put you into major. 


There's that "a" word again.    :)


You cannot assume that - it will depend on your barrel and gun.


But, a distinct possibility.


And, a month or two ago, AR had an article about military ammo

that was a little higher PF.    :) 


The reason I mention it, is that many reloaders are concerned about

the safety of loading 9mm to Major   ….   there's a few factory rounds

that are pretty close to Major.

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