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Trijicion RMRO6 mount 625-8


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I am looking to mount my spare Rmr06 on my S&W 625-8 revolver

I am looking for a rear sight replacement mount

Does anyone know if the trijicon rm46 or allchin mini sts mounts will work?

I am also looking for a kydex holster that will work with this

I could probably modify my speed beez comtac holster but I'm not sure if it would change the way my other 625-8 would fit with my iron sight setup.

Thanks for any help.

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That is perfect

I just ordered one and it costs  a lot less than the trijicon mount

Now I just need a kydex holster to fit.

I really love my rmr06 on my colt 1911 slide ride.

The red dot on my 625 is going to be Awesome

Thank you 

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Welcome! I have played with several optics on both Allchin and Raptor mounts. They are both quality products. I'm running a Speed Beez holster with my 929. As long as it is the open top type, the optic should fit perfectly. I hope you'll be shooting ICORE open be with that rig!

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I have had no problems with my slide ride rmr06 through several thousand rounds in my 1911

The revolver should put even less stress on the rmr and aging eyes make the red dot a must...lol

I would love to shoot ICORE..

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