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Anyone change the firing pin on a CZ P-09 Kadet Kit ?

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I'm starting to get lite strikes when using my P-09 kadet kit.

I received a new style kadet firing pin + spring from CZ.

I read that a roll pin(near the rear sight) retains the firing pin, but can seem to get the roll pin to budge.

I don't want to hit it any harder and risk breaking it.

I also see that it has a firing pin retainer like the 75, but can't seem to be able to push the firing pin in enough to remove it that way either.

Before I call CZ, can anyone please tell me how they replaced the firing pin on their P-09 kadet kit ?




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I called CZ and they told me that the P-09 kadet firing pin cross pin is held in place with a 2mm hex head set screw.

I was able to remove the set screw, even though I gave it a good number of wacks with a punch, as I was told it was a roll pin that held the firing pin in place.

Of course the new kadet firing pin & spring I ordered from CZ wasn't even close to the firing pin of the 09 kadet.

I'm so glad that I took the initiative and called them to get the right pin and spring part numbers, instead of just ordering it off their site and receiving the wrong parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as usual,  I had to do some work to the old firing pin.

Initially,the firing pin was hardly sticking out of the slot when pushed in manually.

The cross pin stops the over travel of the firing pin, so I carefully filed away the rear of the firing pin slot till the pin was just below the breech face when manually pushing it in.

Now it works 100% with the CCI mini mag and any Federal ammo I use.

Anyone need a firing pin & spring for a 75 kadet kit that won't fit a P-09 ?


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I have had the same problem with the P-09 Kadet, I must double strike some rounds. I am considering doing what you did, filing the slot the retaining pin hits to let the pin go further forward.  I will do that now. Also, the names

and descriptions of the Kadet firing pond in their website are quite confusing. I also called CZ to understand exactly which is which. Finally, I can most definitely use a firing pin and spring for a CZ 75 Kadet - I am trying to get my SP-01 Shadow to run with my Kadet2 with no failures, like it does on my SP-01 and have made the original pin unusable via that development work. I will PM you. Thanks!

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