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Snubbie questions...


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I need advice from the resident experts here.

1.  Revolver pocket carry.

Daily carry or can use in IDPA BUG.

1.  My vintage colt agent (17grams)in my desantis nemesis holster or buy a s&w 642 (15 grams) & a kramer pocket holster.

Pros colt:

* 6 vs 5 rds

*very nice trigger

* I love colt revolvers and it shoots like a dream

Cons colt:

* 35yr old vintage classic, parts may be hard to find

* hammer spur although I can thumb the hammer spur on the draw

* no +P ammo


642 pros

* enclosed hammer

* +P ammo

* new gun parts easier to find

642 cons

* buying a new gun

* 5 rounds

* s&w stock trigger

* Shot my friends 642 and its not as nice as my colt


Thanks for any insight...



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I pocket carry a 442. Small changes in weight and size make a big difference in pocket carry. I think you’ll be surprised how much easier a 642 will be to carry.

You can buy a spring kit on eBay for about $15 and within 20 minutes you’ll have a trigger that will feel much much better. Mine has never had light strikes even after swapping out the springs.

The ability to carry +p is a pretty big deal in a snubby 38.
As to the number of rounds you should know one thing and then ask yourself one question.
First, the average self defense shooting (including cops) requires 1.7 rounds. Since you’re already carrying a snubby, you’ve already joined the camp that recognizes that capacity is not the most important factor in a good carry gun.
Second, ask yourself “what scenarios are there where a sixth round would resolve the circumstance and a seventh round would not be required?” Obviously very few.
Most scenarios with a larger number of rounds is going to require a reload, whether you have a five or six round gun in the pocket.

In terms of holsters, I’ve become partial to the Boraii pocket holster. Covers the trigger and holds it upright in the pocket but is very fast to draw and no bulk at all.

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I carry a 442 No-lock on a daily basis, have the past 4.5yrs. It resides in a Sticky pocket holster  and is light, comfortable, and beautifully concealed. It sports an XS Big Dot front sight, Altamont classic style grips, Wilson Combat internal spring kit, Cylinder & Slide ext. firing pin and I fitted an SDM cylinder release. I love the little gun, it carries like a dream, shoots nice and has a nice trigger & feel. I let a couple buddies of mine try it and both retired their bottom feeders and bought J-frames!

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Ok looks like a S&WJ frame is my next purchase.

I need to look at the 642 vs 442 shiny vs black.

My edc for years is usually an old reliable  ppk pocket carry or a lw commander in a milt sparks versa max II.

In the summer I usually just carry the ppk but the weight can be annoying on long days.

It would be nice to have a more powerful lighter weight pocket carry.

Thanks for the help




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The old model Colt revolvers are obsolete. Parts are no longer available.

They are cool guns, and the 6th shoot is nice, but they are collectable guns for occasional range use. If you ever have to use one for serious social use, you're not likely to see it back for a long time, if ever. Do you really want a case number engraved on the back strap of your Colt?

Get a J Frame. They all handle +P, even the ones not labeled for it. Parts are still available and you can replace the gun tomorrow if needed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I bought a used  s&w 642 (it came with a few boxes of ammo) a few days ago for $350.00

It had a trigger job, pachmayr grips and only had 5 rounds through it.

I shot about 100 rounds ( of various ammo) through it today and this gun is very accurate and was hitting a 1/3 ipsc steel target out to 35yds with all 5 shots.

I am currently pocket carrying it in a nemesis holster & 2 bianchi speed strips in another pocket inside a cell phone case.

I am really loving this little revolver.

A few questions..

1.  What 5 shot speedloader do you recommend?

2.  What carry ammo should I use?

3. Should I remove the internal lock? (I did on my 625-8).

4.  What rubber grips are best for big hands? (my hands are 4" x 8").

Thanks for everyone's help...

I might buy a spare 642...



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I carry a Colt Cobra (OG). Problem is, .38 special (not +P) is a really poor performer in ballistic gel tests, even compared to .380ACP out of an LCP sized gun. Once you get into +P stuff, it gets a little better, but still not great compared to a semi-auto cartridge, or anything with a longer barrel. I still carry it because of the awesome holster selection from way back in the day, but I should probably look at upgrades. I just don't want to give up that extra round with a Smith. But if the non plus p ammo doesn't work, or the plus p ammo beats the gun up to the point where the gun breaks, it won't really matter.

I'd check out the Federal HST +P micro 130gr. It's what I would carry. I should probably pick some up anyway. Just really awkward for trying to reload in a hurry though because of the bullet profile, or lack thereof. Maybe keep those in the cylinder because of the proven performance and put something round nose in for your reload. If you have to reload, that might mean those first 5 didn't work and you need more penetration, or you need to do it in a hurry because there are more attackers.

The Safariland speedloaders are pretty cool. But speedloaders are huge so I'm meh about them.

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I carry my 442 everywhere except the courthouse, a cold range when shooting matches, and around my own house.  After messing with various hi-performance ammo, including +P+ stuff, I went back to Federal 158-gr LSWCHP +Ps, the old FBI/Chicago load.    

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