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2019 New York State 3 Gun Championships August 10th

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Located just East of Rochester, the Ontario Rod & Gun Club will be holding the 2019 New York State 3 Gun Championships one day on Saturday August 10th.
To register on practiscore follow this link:


Rules are the current 3GN Rulebook.
The match will contain at least one 3GN classifier stage.
All divisions will be recognized.
Longest rifle shot will be 100yds.
No green tip or steel core .223 ammo allowed.
Lunch provided.
No slings needed.
No birdshot heavier than #6 allowed.
You will need slugs, but no buck shot.
Round count should be around 200.
Squads will consist of 8 shooters
We will have an MGM spinner on one stage.
Bring, at minimum, 5 magazines for each gun.
Open shooters can only load to 10+1 rounds max (cause we're in NY).
Stages will be posted.
This will be a lost brass match.

Match is rain or shine.
Safety brief at 9:30am, hammer down at 10:00am.

Ontario Rod & Gun Club, 2523 Trimble Road, Ontario NY

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