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2019 Bluegrass Shotgun Championship - GET SOME!!! - Sept. 28, 2019

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In case you missed it...the Bluegrass Sportsman's League outside Lexington, KY is hosting the best damned shotgun match in the country on September 28th.


The fourth annual 2019 Bluegrass Shotgun Championship. Yeah - you've heard of it.


You get nine (9) VERY heavy and challenging shotgun stages - bird, buck, slug; an included BBQ lunch; and a unique match HAT (you have enough shirts) - all for $125.


Oh...did I mention the random draw prize table with at least four GUNS, crazy good gear/ammo and rare Kentucky BOURBON?

Did I mention that 1st thru 3rd in each division gets a CASH payout? Last year 1st place semi-auto took home approx. $750 CASH. I'm looking at you Matt Koopikka!!!


This year I'm happy to say we have a TRUE championship with over seven (7) independent stage designers...EACH giving you at least one crazy-ass stage (as MD, I'm just here to make sure it flows and is "safe"; like, seriously - I don't care what they do to you...as long as its "safe", period).


I hope you can join us. Because the only shotgun match better than THIS shotgun match..........is the SAME match next year!



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Saw the title got excited, saw the date and got ready to sign up! Then I read the f*#ked up way to distribute prizes, pass. 

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This was one of the best shotgun matches I have ever shot and I am already looking forward to it next year. All skills were tested on really fun stages, and the match was well ran.

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