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For what it is worth. Figured out that with all the gadgets clicking and rattling on my 1050 it is more pleasant fro me to reload with ear plugs.

Downside is you need to have a method to insure you won't run out of primers if you can not hear the buzzer. I just count rounds and then glance up when I think I might be getting close, lower DBA rated plugs might solve the problem too (30 dba is what I had laying around). 


Sometimes simple things plumb evade me. 

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Perhaps wire the buzzer to 2 points on your arm so you get shocked when you get close

Or better yet eBay has some led strobes for 1-2 dollars from China you could probably wire in to low primer alarm so you get an obvious visual

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It can get kind of loud depending on the room you are in, but I kinda like being able to hear the noises. Ive used the machine long enough to know what it sounds like when everything is working and can pick up on stuff going/gone wrong by the noise the machine is making. 

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