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MPX 20rd mag..... purpose?

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Hello.  I am new to the MPX platform and am assembling support gear before mine arrives. Has anyone found a purpose for a shorter length 20 Rd mag vs the longer length of a 30rnd. Prone position,low port or roof top type props come you mind but perhaps these are a non issue with the 30s w/o an extension.. Also what is a preferred mag pouch? Thanks. 

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25 minutes ago, DavidSeavey said:

i use it as the bottom mag for taccom coupled big big sticks, i can get 57rds in for monster or pcc only matches.

Damn!  I'll check that set up out. Is there   a specialty mag spring to use with such?. Lot of weight on the mag release,no?

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cant tell a difference in controls and it uses the stock pair of mag springs one of the factory spring pad as a pairing plate.  it's not my go to mag for uspsa because it's work to clean out and bends forward fairly far since it's so long for low port shots, just use a 30 with tti +11 as it's field cleanable for dropping outdoors.  but when you need 50+ rds its awesome, i put together a pair and theyve both been great.

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Not sure you need a 20 rounder. I have one that I use as a drop mag for classifiers. I reload to big sticks too. Even using a 30 rounder to reload too its easy to get you thumb jammed between the mag and mag well. It sucks! Don't do it! Trust me and learn from my mistakes....

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