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Red dot placement?


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Using a C-More on my Ruger Mark IV 22.45 light the sight was about half way to the front of the rail.   I have since switched to a Vortex Venom with 6 minute dot and hve it mounted on the dovetail with an EGW mount.  The advantage, Easier to center targets, the dot appears larger.  I was using a 12 minute dot on the C-More but the 6, up close seems to be about the same.


I also like the battery life of the Venom.  My C-Mores took a new battery every month while this sight has lasted me about 6 months so far.

Mark IVs with new magazines.jpg

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My custom 22 conversion has a pad for mounting the dot at the rear of the slide, so I have no choice but to use it there.  On my Marvel conversion I can mount the dot anywhere along the rail.  I've found that when I mount it forward, it is an advantage for close shots.  For example, on S&H if you see white and pull the trigger, you'll hit.  You don't need to see the dot.


I don't notice any difference in finding the dot either way.  My Open gun has a frame mounted dot, so that is more forward as well.


Try both and see which you like better.

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The way the ‘eyebox’ works for red dots, it literally does not matter except how big the housing looks, which shouldn’t matter much if you’re shooting both eyes open.  


On a rifle, you can mount it on the tip of the handguard and the eyebox is the same as if it was on the back of the receiver.  


Don’t overthink it.


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