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Help/Part Needed - SVI Trigger Overtravel Screw


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OK.. So I have an SVI trigger bow, but don't have the overtravel screw.


It's a 75 cent part from SVI, but they want almost $12 for shipping.


Does anyone have the specs on it so that I can find a set screw locally?  I'm assuming it's a standard set screw size.


Or if someone has an extra laying around they would want to send along, that would be appreciated too.


Thanks for any info.

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6 minutes ago, CHA-LEE said:

Its a 4-40 thread set screw that takes a 0.050" allen wrench. You should be able to find that type of set screw at most hardware stores or hobby shops.

 Exactly. They cost about 32 cents. 

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Well, I bought some generic set screws, but I had also emailed SVI asking if there were any other options for shipping.  It's a good thing too because I bought 1/4" length screws and they aren't quite long enough.


SVI replied that they would send me one for free.  I emailed back saying that I was going to purchase 2 of them and that I'd be willing to wait for a regular first class mailed envelope with 50 cents postage, and I'd pay for it.


They simply replied that 2 screws were on their way to me for free and thanked me for being a customer.


Great customer service... and makes it makes it easy to remain a customer with service like that.  


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Not a bad deal.  Give away a couple of 10 cent screws and a 50 cent stamp and sell more $5k plus guns.  😁  Just kidding actually.  You'd think all companies would do business like that, but it's surprising how many don't.  And how many have an fu attitude after the sale.  Sandy, Brandon and crew have always been great to do business with.

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