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Taccom Xtreme feed barrel

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I am running one of those and it's a great barrel. Initially it would not load the hollow points like stated buti got the chamber polished and now it works great.

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I am running one in an Aero Precision slick side stripped upper, Taccom Extreme 9mm BCG, standard carbine buffer tube, Taccom buffer system, PSA Gen 2 lower, POF Trigger. Been shooting WWB, Federal aluminum case, and 115g Syntech through it. No malfunctions. This barrel eats like Joey Chestnut in a Nathan's Hotdog Competition. 


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I shoot a Taccom ULW 5.25" ramped barrel..... I load round nose plated bullets 1.155 COL … runs like a paper bag in the wind....


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One of my PCC’s has one and I can’t make it jam. It just eats and eats and eats.

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