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JP Silent Capture Spring Major PF

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Wondering what anyone may be using in their PCC JP Silent capture spring system with +P ammo. Purchased the upgrade weights but still getting a decent amount of bolt bounce. Tried emailing JP but just got back “but our new unit”. Just looking for spring weight suggestions and where to get. All I can find is the “set” they offer. 


Before the question is asked why +P.... I can get it for free.

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Someone with that unit would be the best source, but:  I would take the spring off, and measure the OAL, wire diameter (0.0XXX), and the number of coils per inch, then call Wolff Gunsprings and tell them you want to step up in resistance a bit.  They'll usually have good recommendations.  My suspicion is that an AK recoil spring might be trimmed to fit.

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JP also sells tuning kits containing different strength springs.  You may need to bump up the spring resistance, too.  I tried tuning my SCS and found the best result with 5 tungsten weights and a 110 strength spring. May not translate to your bullet/powder combination, just using an example.

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What weights do you have now; Steel or tungsten? As a general rule the harder shooting your ammo is the more weight/stiffer spring you need. Between 5 different weights and different springs there's a vast number of combos to try.     

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