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Switching from SS to LTD


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I making the switch primarily because no one shoots SS in steel challenge.  I'm not changing gear other than I might move my holster out a bit.  I'll have a go at making "B" in LTD after which I can ride into the sunset.


I do have a question for those with 1911 experience and currently running a well set up production gun.  How much of a difference in PST would there really be between production and SS with otherwise the same setup, primarily holster position?  It would be good to have a home for near-stock 1911s, government an Commander.  Heck, I might put an optic on one of our Kimber Pro Carry models if I could shoot CO.



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It's steel challenge.  I believe BJ Norris regularly wins limited division with a single stack.  I know I have shot my single stack in limited, for what it's worth.


Current rule set should allow  for the same DOH holster in SS as you could use in Prod.  I suspect any difference in peak times between the two divisions will be  driven by more data points in the prod division.  It appears  peak times are pretty much .5 seconds  faster in prod. That being said, I would not expect there to be any difference in peak times if the talent pool were the same.  The kimber with a dot would be an open gun.

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