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Best Benchrest for AR Platform?


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I'm getting more serious about my ammo testing and my bipod and bags are not cutting it anymore. I've never shot "Benchrest" and do not own any sort of rifle rest but I'd like something solid and easy to use with AR15 type guns rather than conventional bolt guns. I want something of decent quality - better than a Caldwell plastic $30 rig - but probably not an expensive competition benchrest kit either. I don't need screw levels on each leg or anything ridiculous like a Ransom Rest. $100-$200 is what I'm expecting. 


Any suggestions? 


If you tell me to just get a rabbit ear bag that's more than what I've got. 


Secondly, for ammo testing and shooting the tightest groups possible, what is a short primer on how I should hold and fire? Maintain shoulder contact and a firm handgrip, slow trigger pull? Do I want the gun locked down 100% with no shaking in the scope (albeit only 6x, not 30x)? Do I want to build my rifle's platform, get it locked down on target and only lightly mount and pull the trigger or am I looking to brace the rifle and push-pull to make myself one with it and shoot it as though I'm prone? 



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I use a cheap  Wichita front rest with extended legs, it’s heavy and the elevation adjustment is clunky and a sand bag rear rest

whatever rest you go with, check that it’s tall enough to clearance the AR mag and pistol grip

I've seen guys use a lead sled which would probably work for you



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I use a Hoppes all metal rest for the front and support the butstock with sand bags. I find that bags with rice or other organic material are not solid enough. Now, adjust the front hight to a comfortable level, then build up the bags under the butstock  to level out the rifle. Next, adjust everything so that the crosshairs are exactly where you want them. At this point I very lightly hold on to the rifle and all that is left to do is practice your very best trigger control. 

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