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Walther Q5 SF Magwell


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Got the TF “new” magwell, which is advertised to fit both the Q5 and Q5 SF.   On my SF, it was slightly loose, but putting a piece of tape inside made a nice fit.  The TF magwell does not match up with the SF frame, though, and bottom of frame well presents edges on all sides that catch the mag.


I got the Walther magwell, that is also advertised to fit both models, and it does cover the frame magwell all except the back, which is already angled out on the frame itself, so no problem.  The Walther magwell does overhang the frame a little on the sides and front, so I fit it to the frame by filing off and sanding  the overhand for a smooth transition, which now feeds without a hitch.


You do need new basepads to fit in the Walther, I used the TF non-extended, which fit fine.  As I’m running Carry Optic, the magwell can only be used for IDPA, which is 10 round max.   I have Taran Tactical extended mags for USPSA, which does not allow the magwell, and those don’t fit in the magwell anyhoo.  

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