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Verona LX680 Rizzini single barrel 32" gold trap?

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I am looking at at used one and can't find much info as far as value. He is asking 1,750.00 but already said he would come off of that. Anyone know anything about this gun Model # is LX680GTSB-12. 

Thanks a lot

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I found a Verona smith in Lake Havasu. He used to work at the factory. He services them and has parts. I did go ahead and get it but for way less than he was asking. It seems to be a pretty good shotgun. Has an adj. comb and Gracoil recoil reduction system that is fully adjustable. 

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Good that you found a source of support.  Otherwise it would have been an expensive coat rack once it went down.


The gold standard in affordable single barrel trap guns is Browning's BT-99.  A used one is almost always a good buy for a first time trap shooter.


Hell, a used Remington 870 Wingmaster with a custom stock and Gracoil is probably an even more cost effective (and effective) starter singles/handicap gun.

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