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AO1 LD Review


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On 12/13/2019 at 11:25 PM, eerw said:



Excited to hear as I own both! Don't want to derail the thread so maybe the mods can split this to a another one but need to know more. Is this done straight or with some plate as the top of the slide is thinner than some other pistols? Is there space left for irons? Perhaps pictures?

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14 minutes ago, uhmeebuh said:

The safeties came out easy and next is the fitting of the new extended safety - I can see the profile I need to match but wanted to see if there was any advice/link/video I could check out?



guys just did   video for fitting safeties. let me see if I can find it.



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3 hours ago, lfine said:

What’s the story on changing mag releases to the S2? Thanks 

S2 mag release requires modifications to work in the A01-LD.  The profile of the "shelf" that engages the notch in the magazine is different. You will also need to cut the end off of one leg of the magazine spring. 


CZC just posted a video on their FB page showing how to remove the standard A01-LD mag release and install their new extended one that is specifically made for the A01-LD.  That mag release is a drop in part. 

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Has anyone thought about drilling and tapping the current factory A01-LD/SD mag realease to except a magazine extension? This seems "to me" as a very viable option.  In drilling,  tapping the existing realease "it could be done even with the magazine release still installed in the pistol". The pistol would still retain the use or the P09 magazines with no modifications to accept 75 mags. 


Sound like a viable option? If not please elaborate as to why. "Not to argue my point,  more so to understand why this would not work". 


I just picked mine up yesterday and have yet to even shoot it. 

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New to the CZC A01-LD, just acquired it yesterday. I have yet to even fire it. 


"So thank you for the review,  I will be comparing my personal experience to your review". As far as handling the A01, I fell in love. I have a rather unique LGS / range / training center here in Charlotte that happens to carry some fantastic quality high end/more specific weapons as compared to other shops in this area. I went in specifically looking for a new CZ. They happen to carry a significant variety.  Along with a host of Dan Wesson,  Wilson Combat,  Tarran Tactical,  Carolina Customs and many , many more. "It is a great place to spend an afternoon,  lol". I was able to choose handle most of the full sized CZ's that are available for sale today, including the fantastic CZC A01-LD which absolutely won me over.


Big questions now, because I did not do my homework and look for available CZC or aftermarket support for customization. I have been on the internet for hours now with no definitive answers. 


I would like  magwell,  grips, magazine extension and fully adjustable rear sight for now "at least wind adjustable". 


I am not finding anything available.  I know it uses P09 magazines so I can pick up a few more then, grab some color anodized extension base  plate sand power springs for P09 magazines.


What CZ pistol models do I need to research where the parts above would also be compatible with the CZC A01-LD ? 


Thank you to anyone who knows and replied  !

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This takes brass grip panels to add another 4oz  bringing you to 55 then the sro is 1.5oz, plus a mag.


Could hit 59 pretty easily.

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On 3/2/2020 at 7:43 PM, eerw said:

Well now. This just makes things fun.


Appendix D4





Appendix D7




I went out and purchased a A0-1LD after hearing about the rule change.  Can't wait to send mine into CZ Customs to get it milled for a optic.  


I like the rule about the 500 produce guns, maybe we'll see some Laugo Arms Alien pistols running around.

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