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Hello from Mississipi


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New member from Meridian, MS area. 


I am a truck driver by trade, and I dabble in making and selling outdoors and firearms related products & equipment. 


I shoot SASS.

Used to shoot Pin matches.

Compete in State Games pistol match as often as I can. 


Interested in getting started with 3 gun. 

Have pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, equipment, AND A GOZILLION QUESTIONS. 



I look forward to talking with you guys. 

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Poplarville puts on great 3 gun as well as USPSA matches. You can also check Magnolia in Byram. Pistol and I believe they still run 3 gun from time to time. Brothers in Arms in Hattiesburg has a rifle inclusive match occasionally and monthly pistol. And for pistol only you can shoot MPSA in Vinegar Bend AL which is about 90min south on Hwy 45 for you. They run 2 and if there is a fifth Saturday 3 per month. Also look at Brock's Gap in Hoover AL. A little longer drive but they run almost everything and it's a great place to shoot. 

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