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New Reloader from California


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Hi guys, new to reloading here and looking for friendly knowledgeable people to get some reloading advise from time to time.  Over the past years of getting more and more into the shooting sport I always knew I would get into reloading at some point and it seems that point has come. 

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Welcome to the forums. You came to the right place for all things reloading as well as shooting. But just a heads up:

Restricted Content
Policy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.
Specifically including (but not limited to):
• STI vs SVI
 Limited 10 vs Limited Division
• This Division vs That Division
This Government vs That Government
Gun Control Issues

This is not a free speech issue. As a privately funded and collectively ran "information exchange," we have found that the emotional nature of political discussions weakens the informative impact of the Forum.

And note that your post, avatar, and anything in your signature represent you, and your relationship with the Forum's Guidelines.

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Thanks Nevadazielmeister! I need all the help I can get with accuracy.  I first got a Mini 14 back in 2007 but the majority of the time it stayed underneath the bed and rarely seen any range time, but about 4 years ago I seen a an AR build series on YouTube and I was hooked! A year later I had a couple AR-15’s and a couple of Glocks but I soon realized that shooting handguns takes a lot of practice, not to say that rifles don’t but I found handguns much more difficult. So with reloading I hope to get more range time and increase my accuracy as you mentioned, besides I already went broke on reloading equipment trying to save money for bullets 😆 

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