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so this is separate from the bad news...


I still remember Cheryl trying to get a Coonan .357 1911 to run for USPSA etc, her and Rod tried everything to get this thing to run.

finally she got me to the side (I think Rod was the one that wanted her to use it even though he didn't have to put up with it) and asked me what I would do if I were her.

I thought about it for a little while and said if it were me I'd go down and get a nice wood frame, put that gun in it behind glass, then hang it on the wall.


She looked at me and said you mean just display it and not use it? Yep that's exactly what I'd do and if anyone asks about it just say it was the very best combat pistol i ever shot, but I wore it out beyond repair so i just hung it one the wall so i would always still have my memories of it.


She just grinned and said something like i just might do that.


don't know if she did but i don't recall ever seeing that thing again.


thanks for all the fun times over the years


Greg B.

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