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how short oal for cz


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Hi I just bought a cz ts my blue bullets are way to long for the cz,my extreme bullets fit just fine. I would like to stick with coated bullets,I TRIED 1.10 and it was still to long to spin. The slide would hit it hard enough to chamber it so its close. How short did you need to go,with coated bullets? I am looking for what you did,please don't tell me to load the shorter until they spin.I am just interested in what works in YOUR cz.      Thanks Tim

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I'd look into having your barrel reamed, I had the same problem and had to load way short.  Now I can load 125 blues to 1.150 all day, way worth the 50ish dollars to get the barrel done.  I was stuck in the 1.05ish OAL without.  

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6 hours ago, tswisher21 said:

Thanks for your info. I just ordered a sample pack of Brazo's coated 124 gn bullets. Looks like I will be able to load these long. Tim


Get the chamber cut for a longer leade.


I’ve done my tanfo and all of my walthers, and those guns with similarly short factory chambers will take any bullet made out to 1.150” now.


I’ve throated a ton of CZ and Gen5 Glocks for friends. It’s never caused accuracy issues.


I can do it for you. So can numerous shops, such as Patriot Defense.


Otherwise, how long you can load depends ENTIRELY on the shape of that particular bullet:





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