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Dillon Swager not working?!

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Hey guys, my brand new swager doesn't work! I tried both the large and small swaging rods and of course the 30 cal locator rod, but the Lake City .308 once-fired sparkly clean military brass doesn't have its primer pocket reamed at all! The ridge is still there and primers do not seat after multiple swagings with both rods.


The rod is going the full stroke, it is properly adjusted and so is the little spacer block. It is also set screwed in place and adjusted for the lake city stuff. What's the deal?! I've looked everywhere, and posting here is my last resort. What idiot oversight am I making? Thanks guys. :wacko:

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I assume your talking Dillon Super Swage 600?  I adjust mine by screwing the swaging rod in until it's tight on something like a Winchester case, then swage and see how the primers seat.  I will do fine adjustments from there.


If your having a problem just call Dillon.  I have made a few mistakes with Dillon reloading equipment and they walked me through it.

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