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Lovex 37.1


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What OAL are you using?  And what gun/barrel?


I have been developing a load with this powder and I am up to 8.0 grs. at 1.140 and am getting 152 PF out of my Walther Q5 with a Jarvis barrel and a Lone Wolf comp with a MG 115 gr. CMJ bullet.

A MG121 IFP gets 157 PF @ 1.120 with 7.8 gr.

Going to shoot the 115 gr. @ 1.120 and see what it does and if it gets rid of the cornmeal. Lovex recommends shorter OALs. 

Also will try 8.5 gr. @ 1.140 w/ 115 gr pill and see what it does. From past results it should get me to around 165 PF.

Like the accuracy and SDs of the powder, It burns pretty clean just not crazy about the cornmeal cleanup.


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Why you going so hot? Your loads are way too slow for major, and the Q5 is not an optimal open gun. For production or carry optics, your loads are way too hot. I’m not making the connection here. What are you trying to achieve with these loads?

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 I was looking for a load to produce enough gas to make my comp work.

Making an open pistol out of my Q5. Don't really care if it is magor PF or not.


SHooters World lists 7.8 gr. as max for 115 gr. @ a 1.05 OAL for Major Pistol. I started at 7.4 gr. and 8.0 gr. gave me the best accuracy with no signs of excessive pressure.  

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This is what works for me but you need to be careful and use it at your own risk.



OAL 30,0 mm

Lovex 37.1 9,9 grn

LOS Bullet CMJ RN 123 grn

SP Fiocchi primers

Medium crimp


It makes 167 PF easily


Good amount of gas to run the comp, relatively clean but hard to load. Soft kick, better than Vectan SP2 or VV3n38

I am very happy with it

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I have tested also other loads with 124 grain bullets and Lovex 37.1 DMA Reloading FMJ RN 124 gn (OAL 30,10 mm, 9,85 gr for 165 PF), Frontier RN CMJ 124 gn (OAL29,80 mm, 9,82 grn, PF 164) and Frontier CMJ RN MATCH 124 gn (OAL 30,00 mm 9,82gn 164 PF).Again: test it and use it at your own risk. The only complaint on FMJ vs CMJ is FMJ makes compensator very very  dirty compared to CMJ.

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Shot one hundred each of the 7.6 gr. and 8.0 gr. last week and I like the 8.0 the best for now. The comp is working and the load is very accurate.  I am over 70 so I strive more  for accuracy as speed in transitions on a stage is not my forte.  Major power factor is not a big deal. Matches are more for the comradery and enjoyment for me.  I do like the powder and plan on using it next year.  Cut back on the oil on the pistol and it runs pretty clean now. I also tested 124s and 121 gr. and the 115 gr. CMJs were the most accurate for me. Thanks for the info I may test some more  this fall.  I am going to finish out this year in CO.

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