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550 differences.

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I am fully vested in a 550 ,(not sure what letter), plenty of powder measures , tool heads, etc,, really want to set up another with large primer,,, load 243/45acp/ 3006 which IIRC all use same shell plate.
Then keep my current one set up for small primer, and 40 / 9mm... which again use same shell plate.
Ive seen a couple different 550 designations on Ebay,,  other than some upgrades or chages here and there are they basically the same ?
Meaning will my exisiting tool heads, shell plates, powder funnels, caliber conversions,, yadda yadda all work ?

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I believe all the 550's are the same. For instance the difference between a 550B & a 550C is how the ram link arms are fastened to the press. Every time Dillon makes a change they seem to change the letter.So I guess what I'm trying to say is yes they will work. If it says "for 550" it will work on all 550's.I have a 550B set up for large primers & a SDB set up for small primers and it is a fantastic set up.No changing, just sit down & start pulling the handle!!!! I do have one problem, a couple of weeks ago I picked up another 550B.for a great price ($245.00).I'm thinking about setting it up for .30-30 Winchester.

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Its pretty much 100% compatibility  between all the models of 550.


The only difference I have heard between my early mid-80's Dillon 550 (no letter) and all newer models is mine will require some milling on the frame if I want to add a Dillon case feeder. 


Through the years I've upgraded to newer versions of powder measures but I believe everything else on mine is original.

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thanks,  I bought mine in early 90's,  
I thought about the SDB for the small primer stuff,  which would be 9/40/ and 38/357..  But then Id need more tool heads and caliber conversions.

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the 550b added the p[owder failsafe. the 550c added maintenance features(zirc fittings/Bolts that you can more easily lubricate instead of a pin up top)


I think if you find a B or a C youll be in good shape. Maintenance isn't that much easier on the C over the B from what I can tell.

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