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primer mixed up


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Hey everyone,


I need some help.  How can I tell the difference between CCI small pistol primer and CCI small rifle primer?


I was getting ready to reload some 9mm for PCC.  (3.1 gr Alliant Sport Pistol, 124 gr Gallant, CCI small pistol primer).  I found one of six primer reloading tube full of primer.  I believe it should be from the last reloading session which was months ago of 223 using small rifle primers.  But I want to be sure.  


Any suggestions?  I've tried visually comparing but can't tell any difference.  



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Visually, theres  no discernible difference between the two. I had used both CCI small rifle and pistol primers on my MPX using 4.0 Gr of Sport Pistol and 124 Gr PD JHP @ 1.125-1.128 OAL” without any problems. I can’t even tell the difference when I was shooting my reloads. Brass were sorted by head stamp too.

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I have compared loads using SP and SR CCI primers, and the results were pretty much the same.  


However, if you have lightened the trigger pull by reducing the hammer spring, you might have problems igniting the SR primers. 


CCI primers are harder to ignite than say, Federal primers anyway.  

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I am not sure if this information is outdated, I made this list years ago.  I hope it helps.

Maybe you could update, or add to it.


Primers  (what dropped primer did you find?)


Small Pistol  .175 diameter

Federal – Green under Anvil w/brass center

Winchester – Red under Anvil


Small Rifle   .175 diameter

CCI – light Brass colored under anvil


Winchester – Black under Anvil w/gold shell body

Federal – Green under Anvil w/purple center

Small Rifle-MAGNUM Hard to tell I got mismarked box

CCI Silver colored shell, with light brass color under anvil

CCI Magnum- Brass colored anvil, with copper under anvil mixed copper and brass colored(mismarked box)


Large Pistol  .210 diameter

Federal – Green under Anvil

Federal Magnum-   Green under Anvil w/blue dot in middle

Winchester- Brass colored under anvil


Large Rifle  .210 diameter

Winchester – light colored Red under Anvil

Federal – Dark colored Red under Anvil (oversprayed pocket looks full)


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